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Conscious Expansion Fractal 4k Desktop Galaxy Background / Wallpaper Pack [26 Images]

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When computers dream of equations

Fractal images awaken the primal pattern recognition of the brain, with similar abilities to music to bring us into a state of emotion. 

These fractals are centric - focused on a center point, and have a similar effect to a mandala. These images bring you back into balance, and can help to increase focus and productivity when used as a computer background. 

 The power of fractals is seen in fractal antennas and in the structure of the universe itself, including cells in human brain and body. Tap into this power for yourself, and your work.  

Conscious Expansion 

These fractals are interwoven and overlayed with seamless sacred geometry patterns, including Metatron's cube, the Flower of Life, and more. 

Sacred geometry trains your brain to pick up universal patterns of energy, improving perception and connection.

Universal images (Credit: NASA and ESO help to tap you into galactic consciousness broadcasting from a specific area of our galaxy. 

This fractal background pack is provided for free, enjoy!!

These backgrounds deserve to be seen by everyone. I truly believe in the benefits of seeing these fractals all the time because I have seen the changes in myself. I am more calm, attentive, and focused when I have the images on my computer. 

It makes me very happy to think people are enjoying my fractals on their Desktops!

You'll receive a .zip containing the images, 100% free. If you would like to show support for this art, I would be happy to receive anything over 0 you wish to pay. Thank you in advance!

Using these as backgrounds on Mac

Open the "Desktop & Screensaver" from preferences, or by right clicking your desktop background and clicking "Change Desktop Background..."

From here, click the "+"  button on the bottom left. Select the folder you un-zipped, and click "choose". 

You can now select the folder from  If you want, click "change picture every 30 minutes" to get new wallpapers all the time. 

About The Images

These are 4k JPEGS of my fractal art. They have been shrunk to this size. The original fractals are 121MP square images (11,000x11,000px) PNG, and rendered with and without backgrounds. I rendered these on a 2013 Mac Pro 6-core, and designed them in Chaotica Studio.

Each image takes about 8-12 hours to render at this size. These images were created over the span of two years. 

The Full Resolution Images

You can download the highest quality originals, including commercial usage, right here:

This two-part free pack is yours to enjoy, for personal use only. To purchase commercial use, visit

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26 4k Wallpapers, without watermark.

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Conscious Expansion Fractal 4k Desktop Galaxy Background / Wallpaper Pack [26 Images]

0 ratings
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