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Ultra High-Definition Fractal Mega Pack [121 Megapixel > 8k UHD Fulldome]


Fractal images awaken the primal pattern recognition of the brain, with similar abilities as music to bring us into a state of emotion. This is the biggest mega-HD fractal pack available anywhere and contains hundreds of fractals, two years of work. 

This pack is designed to allow any creator to bring sacred resonance to their creation in a strong yet subtle way. The power of fractals is seen in fractal antennas and in the structure of the universe itself, including cells in human brain and body. Tap into this power for yourself, you customers, and your work. 

About The Images

  • Most of these fractals are 121MP square images (11,000x11,000px), though I have also included my entire 100MP collection for completeness. 
  • Each fractal took at least 8 hours to render.
  • Most images contain an "[Alpha]" version that has a perfect transparent background instead of black. 
  • Nearly all images have sacred math/geometry, including phi, pi, sacred numbers/shapes and more worked into them in the mathematic formulae used to make the images. 


  • Big enough to print to put on the wall of a meditation room, via print or projector, print on nearly any printable products at full resolution
  • Use in 4k and 8k videos, including zooming at full resolution
  • Alpha transparency versions of most images for flawless integration into other digital media, graphics, video compositions & more
  • These high-definition computer-generated fractals work well alongside other natural patterns, including those of energy distribution in the universe, trees, plants, and much more.  
  • Just staring at these images bring you into a calm or activated energy, depending on the piece. 

See These Fractals

You can see these fractals on Sir Douglas Fresh, Live In Love, and my other personal work. 

Want to see the quality for yourself? Check out some of the images on Gigapan


Purchasing this pack of fractals allows you to use these images in any way and make an unlimited amount of money from the images without any royalties or attribution requirement. 

Can I buy rights to just one?  

Sure! Most of these pieces are available as NFTs WAX though SimpleMarket. You can buy them here:

When you purchase a NFT of the art, you will gain full rights to that piece. Email or tweet me and I'll send along the image in Full Resolution, and whatever other resolution you may need. 

Can I have one image in full resolution for personal use?

Send me tweet @dougbutner with what you want to use it for, and I'll let you know! I am happy to provide full-resolution fractals free for educational purposes or if I think what you plan to do with it is cool!! Even if it's commercial use, like an album cover, just ask!! 


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Ultra High-Definition Fractal Mega Pack [121 Megapixel > 8k UHD Fulldome]

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