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iOS Objective- C With Xcode 🎁 Mobile Game Development 🎇

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Level Up Your Programming Skills with iOS Development Using AI

Whether you're an aspiring iOS developer or a seasoned pro looking to enhance your skills, broaden your ideas, or just build something fun, this pack is your access pass to possibilities.

What's Included

  • Notion Resource: Access our exclusive Notion resource with all the prompts. It automatically updates so we can keep you up to date with the latest version of Lil Cogo + any updates to the pack.
  • PDF: Dive into the world of mobile app programming on the go with the included PDF containing all the prompts.


  • Unlock iOS Development: Expand your programming palette into this flavor of mobile app development, empowering you to create iOS applications faster and with less stack overflow and google searches, and giving you new ideas on what to create you wouldn’t otherwise think of.
  • Master Complex Code: These prompts will help you tackle complex mobile hardware integrations and navigate intricate iOS frameworks effortlessly. Language models like ChatGPT don't blink at complex code.
  • Build Real-World Applications: Put your skills to the test and create powerful, feature-rich iOS apps that impress clients and users alike. Use the prompts as you would, or seek our training at the bottom for more context.
  • Create Your Dream Projects: Increase the probability you turn your app ideas into reality and build what you've always envisioned. Become immersed in apps, code, all coming rapidly from a chatbot. Take ChatGPT responses into Copilot or similar and build your app in an evening.

High-Paying Job Opportunities

Stand out from the competition and increase your chances of landing high-paying dev positions with:

  • In-demand skills in both AI and iOS development, making you an attractive candidate for both start-ups and companies looking to keep up.
  • A diverse portfolio, a valuable asset that can set you apart from other candidates.
  • Real-world app-building experience and tout the fact you used ChatGPT or similar, don't hide it. Coding with AI is the future, and you'll be ready.

6 for 4 Deal

Get access to all six iOS prompt packs for the price of four. Not bad. But not the biggest skill jump we offer..

Take a Quantum Leap

Prompt Engineering for Programmers is our everything-included BUNDLE, and it includes all our programming prompt packs and a wide range of training including video lessons, walkthroughs, and different versions of our signature coding personality Cogo. I love teaching, and coding, so I do hope you..

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100+ iOS Coding Prompts in PDF & Notion Resource

Lil Code God
Coding Context Prompt
Mobile Games
10+ Prompts
Productivity and Fitness Apps
10+ Prompts
Solve Common Programming Problems
10+ Prompt
First-Person Shooter Apps
10+ Prompt
Puzzle Games
10+ Prompt
Apps for Phone Sensors
10+ Prompt
Strategy Games
10+ Prompt
Real-Time Data Apps
10+ Prompt
Meditation and Spirituality Apps
10+ Prompt
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iOS Objective- C With Xcode 🎁 Mobile Game Development 🎇

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