Easy Batch Image Editing: Resizing, Cropping, Change File Type, and more

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Easy Batch Image Editing: Resizing, Cropping, Change File Type, and more

Douglas James Butner
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Welcome to the first day of the rest of your digital art career.

In this course I will teach you the most practical as a digital artist you may have never thought about, batch image manipulation. We will learn how to set up a folder that automatically resizes our images multiple times (and changes PNG to JPEG) just by putting the images into this folder. No more saving out multiple copies of images for different uses. No more worrying about images being too large to send, and having to screenshot them or convert them online.

I can’t tell you how much this course would have help me when I was getting into selling my art online.

Once you take this course, you will not know how you lived without it. These skills are crucial when selling art online, or just making digital art. You can’t get by using online image converters, saving out multiple copies, or changing images one by one, it just takes too much time when you are a successful digital artist. You need that time to be awesome and make awesome things. Here is your future time back. You are welcome.

The best part about all this? You don't need to buy any special software. If you have a Mac, you are already ready to go. Prepare to say “Wow that is sweeeet” a lot. 

What are you doing still reading this?? Start the course!!!

I want this!

You'll get 6 downloadable video lessons walking you through every step.

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Creating a Workflow
Using a Service
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Wrapping Up
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