FREE COURSE: Make a Profitable T-Shirt Website in Under An Hour - Crash Course on Printful

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FREE COURSE: Make a Profitable T-Shirt Website in Under An Hour - Crash Course on Printful

Douglas James Butner
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Welcome to this crash course on creating one of the most profitable t-shirt businesses it is possible to make, a Printful website.

I am designer Sir Douglas Fresh, and I have opened at least a dozen types of T-shirt shops in the past three years, selling thousands of shirts around the world. Printful is a printing company I that I love and trust, and the sublimation products are top-notch. I will guide you through the entire process from start to finish of getting your website online, all you need beforehand is a purchased domain and hosting account.

Here is exactly what we will do:

Install Wordpress

Install Woocommerce

Select Woocommerce compatible theme

Integrate Woocommerce with Printful

Upload 5 pieces of art

Create 5 Sublimation Products for each piece of art, socks and shirts, 25 total

And all in under an hour!! I filmed this entire class in one 42 minute take!!

I picked out the method which I think is the easiest, most profitable, and most professional way to create your T-shirt business. We will be using Wordpress with Woocommerce, and Printful to print and ship products.

Remember, this is a crash course. We do not stop or hold hands along the way. We are getting the website up as quickly as possible. It took me 42 minutes to go from a blank domain to a live shop with 25 products that is ready to take orders. I know with some enthusiasm you will be able to launch a shop in under an hour as well!!!!!

I want this!

You'll get a 26 minute video where I take you from a domain name to a functional Printful shop.

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