Code with ChatGPT: Prompt Engineering for Programmers πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» BUNDLE

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Code with ChatGPT: Prompt Engineering for Programmers πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» BUNDLE

Machine Minds AI
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πŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈ There's no longer a limit on what you can create.

We teach future code ninjas be 10x more efficient, and send them through 1000+ portals to build generative apps using AI-assisted coding techniques. You'll unlock ChatGPT's hidden capabilities.

You'll learn from a veteran coder who has mastered massaging ChatGPT to get every % improvement to be found. You will feel giddy when you see what you can get back with structured changes in your code strategy. You'll gently scroll quality code with Cogo laying out entire projects [ giving you back your time ], and know the fundamentals and why they work so well you could even sell your own Gumroad product [ making you a thought leader in an emerging space ]. Portal there with 1000+ prompts across a dozen+ packs, all included.

This isn't the end-all be-all of AI training. You won't be spoon-fed the latest AI news in small bites. In fact, you won't find much that others are teaching..

My goal is to give you a solid grasp of what's possible with AI, and an impossible amount of value for a price that's less than a single day's tuition at most US colleges. As new models come, your command of LLM diction will be your greatest asset as a coder, and I predict this training will lift your career for decades to come. When you show your future employer what you built after opeing this training bundle, he won't ask to see your diploma.

Gain a skill worth $147,927+ a year for $99ΜΆ7ΜΆ πŸ˜„ just $247

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Building things with ChatGPT
    • Walkthroughs show you how to take a github repo and make it your own with the help of GPT
    • Manage large builds better with context management
    • Curb hallucinations (bad responses) with one-shots, correction language and more
  • New? Learn ChatGPT faster, and code faster
    • Prompt Engineering Primer (PDF + Video course) included
    • Prompt Packs for 1000+ unique projects
    • We organize links to free tools, tricks and the latest papers for you.

In addition to the training, I’ll give you 1,000+ programing prompts (they bring back code snippets) you can use to set up your environment, solve common problems, and more.

We'll also teach you to make these your own.

  • Get ChatGPT to comment in the style you prefer
  • Add documentation, unit testing, and custom styling to existing code, or bake it in to all ChatGPT responses
  • Get ChatGPT to give organized results, and return each part automagically

Build what you like: Code your best.

As a programmer, you command top dollar for your time. This course will save you valuable time, and greatly decrease the friction when getting to build something you're proud of with ChatGPT by your side.

Your world is full of new opportunities, and this training will help make them real. I'm here to help you off the block.


6 iOS Prompt Packs added, with support for Cogo

- Building Javascript Apps in ChatGPT β˜•οΈ [PDF + Resource]

- 300+ Javascript Prompts [PDF + Resource]

- Cogo (Code God) Persona

Lite, regular, and high-fidelity prompts + parameter templates. We include Cogo compatible prompts, which are easier to customize, like the included 6-pack of iOS prompts.

- MaMi Assistant (All personalities) + Updates

I use MaMi daily for various tasks like coming up with blog posts and copywriting.

Peek Inside: Just some of the bundle

.. and the bundle is still growing!

About your Instructor, Douglas Butner (github@dougbutner)

15 years ago, I learned the fundamentals of relational databases, html, and PHP from a book by David Powers called "Dynamic Web Design Made Easy." With what I learned in that book, I built a dynamic social networking web app and launched it. It amazed my high school teachers and friends, and a few people even called me a prodigy.

Back then, it was magic to type something and see it change on the screen.

Now, I can't believe what I'm getting from ChatGPT. At first, I wondered if coding was even fun anymore? I had the most fun building cXc.world (2018 - present) when there was problem solving involved so complex I had to break out pen and pad. After learning to talk bitty to ChatGPT, I'm having as much fun as ever. I'm exploring faster.

See Cogo, our code personality, detail + return your project.

  • Developing web apps from scratch since age 16 (I’m 31)
  • Builder / CTO of music dapp cXc on WAX blockchain
  • 80,000+ Students online in total over 9 years and 20+ courses
  • Passionate about teaching and enjoys answering your questions

Some reviews I've have had from previous courses.

All updates included, forever.

Β© 2023 Machine Minds AI

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I'll see you inside.
- Douglas Butner (Gudasol)

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Unlock ChatGPT as your AI Code tool (even in 3.5) with all our code resources, including Cogo + over 1,000 Programming Prompts

Prompt Engineering for Programmers
Main Digital Resource + PDF
Prompt Engineering Primer (For Beginners)
90min Video Course + Resource + PDF
Environment Set-up Templates
Get accurate code faster
Repeatable Series concepts
Skeleton-to-Production Prompt Workflow
Web apps, Mobile apps (Soon)
Building Javascript Apps in ChatGPT
PDF + Resource
Ready-made Javascript Prompts
300+ Prompts and PDF
iOS Prompts
500+ and 6 PDFs
Python Prompts
170+ and PDF
More Code Prompts
Real-world inspiration + Problem Solving
Tree of Thoughts for Programmers
Coming Next!


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