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Become a Code GOD with THE skill of the Decade

This is where AI code gods train until they are masters of AI-assisted coding. Learn techniques and powerful workflows you'll depend on for years to come. Whether you're using ChatGPT/GPT4, Code LLaMA, Claude, or another tool, I'll show you how to turn AI from a novel time-saver to your genius junior dev you wouldn't dream of building without.

Along the way, we'll gain an understanding of just what it takes to meet any LLM and know out what is the most efficient prompt to use and implement it in a matter of minutes. This power makes you valuable...

The results are priceless.

πŸ‘‹ Meet Cogo. Your personal AI assistant.

You'll learn to build with him 🐟, and build him. 🎣

That was just ONE technique we teach.

You will have another 5 "AI is amazing" moments when you see the improvements with structured changes in your code strategy, then crack open 1000+ prompts for projects to try out.

You're prompts you can write will gently scroll with quality code, entire projects, giving you back your time. You will know the fundamentals and why they work so well you 'll be a thought leader in an emerging space.

This is ELITE training built to make you an AI prodigy. You'll be one of less than 100 people worldwide exposed to these secret techniques.

You won't find this training anywhere else..


This isn't anything like what you've seen before online. After taking this training, you might not find much value in what others are teaching..

It's hard to communicate the real value you get here, because even without the training, AI code seems SOO powerful.

But you're only getting 10% of what you could. I'm going to show you how to get the remaining 90%.

My goal is to give you a mastery of the language, commands, and prompt flows LLMs understand. We will use CoT (Chain of Thought) and ToT (Tree of Thought) prompting to generate complex projects that ChatGPT will propose to you, request modifications, and then sit back as ChatGPT returns each component in a separate response.

You'll learn all of this for less than a single day's tuition at most US colleges. As new AI models come and go, your command of this core skill will be your greatest asset as a coder, and I predict this training will lift your career for decades to come.

Gain a skill worth $ 330,000+ a year (source)

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Building things with ChatGPT
    • Tree of Thought prompts to get more accurate code and manage full projects in a chat window.
    • Walkthroughs show you how to take a github repo and customize it
    • Curb hallucinations (bad responses) with one-prompt setups, correction language and more
  • New? Learn ChatGPT faster, and code faster
    • Prompt Engineering Primer (PDF + Video course) included
    • Seed Prompts for 1000+ unique projects
    • Get ChatGPT to comment in the style you prefer
    • Add documentation, unit testing, and custom styling to existing code, or bake it in to all ChatGPT responses
    • Get ChatGPT to organize a full project, wrote pseudocode, and return each part automagically

This bundle includes 1,000+ code-project prompts you can use to bootstrap entire projects.

Build what you like: Code your best.

As a programmer, you command top dollar for your time. This course will save you valuable time, and greatly decrease the friction when getting to build something you're proud of with ChatGPT by your side.

Your world is full of new opportunities, and this training will help make them real. I'm here to help you off the block.


About your Instructor (github@dougbutner)

  • I'm passionate about teaching. I get excited when you succeed.
  • I launched my first web app in High School, and my love for code is infectious,
  • As builder of my own dream app, cXc, I"ll inspire you to make your ideas real.
  • I'm a trusted teacher, with over 9 years teaching and 20+ courses across platforms, like Udemy and Skillshare

Some reviews I've have had from previous courses.

All updates included in the price, forever.

© 2023 Machine Minds AI

I'll see you inside.
- Douglas Butner (aka Gudasol)

Career Skill estimated value: $175k-330k+ yearly
Fair Trade price $369* 🀝

*This price helps the training out of reach of the masses, giving my students an unfair advantage. It's the cost of one day of classes at many US universities, and enough for me to eat.



Who is this for?

The beginner programmer who wants to be a rockstar coder overnight.

The seasoned coder looking to secure their job + become the most valuable person on the team so some noob with AI skills doesn't take the throne too easily.

The AI coder who THINKS they're getting good code, and ready to be blown away.

What will I get?

  1. Video Course
  2. Main Training
  3. COGO - Code God Personality
  4. MaMi - Machine Minds multi-personality assistant for non-coding tasks
  5. All other resources

To start, take the hour+ video training showing you the basics of Prompt Engineering. Then, the core training shows you our signature programming-specific skills. Next, there's over a dozen prompt packs, each with 100+ prompts that work great with Cogo, our Code God personality, with multiple different versions. Cogo saves you time, and lets you apply the training without typing in a long prompt at the beginning of a conversation.

Who are you and Why should I learn from you?

I’ve taught enough students to overflow a stadium, and have over 1,600 reviews as a teacher on udemy and over 5,500 followers on

Skillshare. You're welcome to take the Intro to Prompt Engineering video course there if you're already a premium member. The rest of the material is available exclusively here on Gumroad. Click the sun on to dive into my catalogue of art, code, and impactful projects.

What will I learn?

I'll teach you to use AI to get back ENTIRE PROJECTS not just code snippets. You'll learn how to take open-source projects and make them your own.

No more clarifying 17 times what you want before getting useful code.

No more frustrations when AI just doesn't 'get' what you're asking for.

After you take this training, you'll feel powerful using free AI tools. You'll understand why the code you thought was amazing was just the tip of the iceberg.

Do I have to pay monthly?

All updates are included, forever. There's no need to buy anything else, or any other products in our store. It's all included. This is a one-time purchase, but if you wait to buy, the price does go up (Price will increase to ~$796 September 3).

Do I have to pay for an AI coding tool?

No, the free version of ChatGPT works okay, but I'll show you an even better free tool using LLaMA2-70b, the latest + greatest model for code.. It works great, and is totally free, like free as in air. In general, the secret prompts and techniques will work with any LLM that can output code.

How long will it take to get the benefits?

Results, like responses, are nearly instant. You’ll get better code instantly using our signature Cogo prompts + parameter syntax, which is constantly being upgraded. To read and digest the training fully may take days, weeks or even months, depending on your previous experience.

What is Gumroad?

Gumroad is a trusted marketplace that lets us deliver you videos, PDFs + more, and even stay in touch with emails after your purchase. Stripe (all credit cards) + Paypal payments accepted.

Do I need a Notion account to get the resource?

No. Viewable with no sign-up, or register a free account to save in your Notion account for easy access.

How can I become an affiliate?

Here's the info on our affiliate program, and the link to sign up.

🌟 Your continuing education is ready 🌟

You have a choice. You can be happy with the code you're already getting from AI, and be dependent on others to make progress and bring you along, or you can invest now in yourself, and write better AI-assisted code for the rest of your life.

Make the smart choice. Take control of your code, and your destiny.

Invest in yourself, and to show how much I support + believe in your decision, I'll pitch in 30% with coupon code "COGO".

βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺ Click here to activate your 30% off coupon βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺ

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As an informational product, it is not refundable refunds as we do not own a memory eraser nor do we condone the practice. Please be confident before buying by clearing up doubts about the product beforehand. Please understand individual prompt packs may not include Cogo, affecting performance compared to using with Cogo.

Last updated Sep 12, 2023

Our Exclusive Training, bundled with over 1,000 Programming Prompts + more

Prompt Engineering for Programmers
De-facto Notion Digital Resource + PDF
Prompt Engineering Primer (For Beginners)
90min Video Course + Resource + PDF
Environment Set-up Templates
Get accurate code faster
Repeatable patterns taught hands-on
Tree of Thoughts "Code God" personality
Building Javascript Apps in ChatGPT
PDF + Resource
Ready-made Javascript Prompts
300+ Prompts and PDF
iOS Prompts
500+ and 6 PDFs
Python Prompts
170+ and PDF
More Code Prompts
Real-world inspiration + Problem Solving
Tree of Thoughts for Programmers
Training + Prompt Templates

Prompt Engineering for Programmers πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» BUNDLE

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