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Prompt Engineering for Programmers 👨‍💻 BUNDLE

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Prompt Engineering for Programmers 👨‍💻 BUNDLE

Machine Minds AI
2 ratings

PRESALE 50% OFF (ONLY $120, then $250)

Offer expires MARCH 31, 2023

Become a Code God with ChatGPT

This resource will make you a programming god, even if you’ve barely touched a line of code. Tony Stark has JARVIS, and you have ChatGPT. This course is more than an owner’s manual, it teaches you how to think when prompting ChatGPT for code.

  • Build full applications with ChatGPT
  • Learn ChatGPT faster, and code faster
  • Use these techniques with other AI coding solutions

I won’t just give you a fish, I'll teach you to fish; showing you how to convince ChatGPT to write your whole application in the coding style you prefer.

This skill will unlock unlimited potential to build whatever you want.

In addition to the training, I’ll give you 500+ programing prompts you can use to set up your environment, solve common problems, and more.

  • Convert any code between languages
  • Create a custom cryptocurrency token
  • Write smart contracts + dapp frontends
  • RegX Generation without the headaches
  • Make an app clone in a different programming language

This isn’t just a copy/paste, we’ll use multiple prompts to train Chat GPT on exactly what we want. I’ll also hand over dozens of Prompt Templates and workflows to help you.

  • Get ChatGPT to comment in the style you prefer
  • Have ChatGPT automatically generate documentation as it’s building your app
  • Add unit testing to existing code, or bake it in to all ChatGPT responses
  • Do intelligent research into different solutions
  • AI will build your app skeleton, then you can adjust it, and have it flesh out each part into functional code.

About your Instructor, Douglas (Github@dougbutner)

  • Developing web apps by hand, from scratch since age 16 (I’m 30)
  • Builder / CEO of popular dapp cXc on WAX blockchain
  • Inventor of several paradigms + has his own commenting syntax
  • Pushed over 100,000 lines of hand-written code into production
  • 80,000+ Students on Udemy, Skillshare, and Gumroad
  • Passionate about teaching and answers student questions

What is Prompt Engineering for Programmers, anyway?

Prompt Engineering for Programmers focuses on refining the language used to interact with AI to the approximation of a perfect response for your needs and preference. It involves carefully crafting the questions and inputs that are fed into ChatGPT, to ensure that it provides the most accurate code possible.

It's easy to think of this as a one-shot engineering challenge, designing a perfect string of text, but in real-world applications such as building an app for production, I bet you want ChatGPT to operate as part of your team, including styling the code in the way that you like it.

MaMi Included

ChatGPT’s memory provides context to your queries, saving you explaining if you need a specific documentation library or another paradigm in your responses.

A well-designed prompt strategy can help to reduce how much you polish the raw response, and provides the model with a clear understanding of what format you understand.

A solid prompt provides clear and concise information about the programming language, libraries, functions’ inputs and outputs, UI components, styling decisions, comment style, and other integrations to best perform the specific task, as well as information about inputs including name and type and returned data. 

Level up your game to fight the machines to maintain control over our species by carefully learning the fundamentals of programming and always double and triple checking any code coming out of any AI. Just kidding. Do what you wish with this new power unleashed upon humanity. May the odds always be in your favor.

PRESALE 50% OFF (ONLY $120, then $250)

Offer expires MARCH 31, 2023

Content in PEFP

  • Notion Digital Resource (Partially Published)
    • Delivered as updating resource and PDF downloas
    • Over 100 pages worth of content, not including lists of prompts
      • Examining each of the parameters affecting ChatGPT for code generation
      • Learning exact words ChatGPT understands
      • Creating a context chat for pure code snippets
      • God Mode, prompt program directly
      • Gif shows some of what's been published. Updates are coming near-daily with full publish date looking like end of February
      • Rough Draft pdf JUST ADDED to downloads

  • Hundreds of prompts (Next to be Published)
    • You see poorly engineered prompts in the freebie, now we give you 100+ Better Prompts and
      • Advanced Prompts for Javascript (React+)
      • Advanced Prompts for Python + Machine Learning
      • Advanced Prompts for Apple + Android development
      • More Advanced Prompts
  • Setups and Personas (MaMi, Cogo, more)
  • Workflows to build entire apps (Javascript book, more coming)
  • Video guides (Not yet, see our Youtube)

Build what you like: Live your best life.

As a programmer, you command top dollar for your time. This course will save you valuable time, and give you a wise perspective that chatGPT can't alone.

If you’re an OG tech-god who makes VS code shiver in your presence, you’re still in trouble. A novice with some prompting skills can appear better than someone with real experience. This course is the shortcut you need to be an expert at model-driven coding, faster. The truth is, your knowledge of tech stacks and paradigms is even more valuable with a good grip on AI, and my guidance will ensure some young punk doesn’t get the upper hand on your hard-earned experience.

  • Learn how to talk to Chat GPT 
  • Supercharge your dev by delegating the time-consuming parts
  • Work with the tech stack you love
  • Get chat GPT to write code just like you would write it

If you’ve got ideas you want to make real, but aren’t much of a programmer (yet)

Your value is in your imagination. You see new opportunities, and now you can make them real. I'm here to make sure that happens.

  • Make wise decisions by letting chat GPT teach you
  • Get up to speed in record time on the vast amount of libraries and packages available
  • Start generating the code you’ll use to build your first klller app

With great power comes great responsibility. Improving your prompt engineering is your responsibility. Let me guide you, and the time you save will be well worth your contribution.

Nearly every topic here is spelled out to save you time learning the nitty-gritty of prompt engineering.

The rest of the content, prompts for popular languages, and workflows are pending.

Save, and get early-access.

PRESALE 50% OFF (ONLY $120, then $250)

Offer expires MARCH 31, 2023

P.S. Just can't budget the bundle? You can get the main PDF here for less

- Building Javascript Apps in ChatGPT ☕️ [PDF + Resource]
- 300+ Javascript Prompts [PDF + Resource]
- Cogo (Code God) Persona
- MaMi Assistant

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Prompt Engineering for Programmers
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Building Javascript Apps in ChatGPT
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