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Prompt Engineering Primer ☕️ (ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4)

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This resource + PDF provides potent time-saving advice and best practices for writing effective and engaging chat prompts that are optimized for a particular model, focusing on ChatGPT.

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It's hard to get ChatGPT to spill the beans on what makes it tick. Perhaps that's design, perhaps it's just hard to train a model on itself. I first tried to learn this new art from ChatGPT itself, but it gave me a lot of false information that wasted my time...

After watching hundreds of hours of videos from experts like Stephen Wolfram, David Shapiro, and many others, I got a solid grasp of prompt engineering by understanding the fundamental limitations and strengths of language models, focusing on ChatGPT using GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. I became wise on what wisdom was needed (how the model was trained, what it was trained on, system components and layers) to craft great prompts. I want to help you by sharing this potent knowledge in a few dozen pages.

This guide covers key topics such as the GPT language model itself, the importance of contextualization and personalization, keyword selection and optimization, why you probably will never need fine-tuning, and strategies for testing and refining prompts. With concrete examples, readers will learn the different types of syntaxes that can be used to add context and personalization to their prompts, as well as how to use ChatGPT to discover the keywords (parameters, as I like to call them) for a prompt.

Whether you're a seasoned chatbot developer or just starting out, Prompt Engineering Primer is a valuable resource that will help you create your own chatbots using OpenAI's APIs that provide value to users and optimize the user experience AND to write better prompts for your personal use. So if you're looking to take your prompt engineering skills to the next level, download your copy today and start building more effective and engaging chatbot prompts.


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Please note, this resource covers both prompting the chatbot and how to get better prompts to the user when you are building your own chatbot for more information when building a chatbot. Both skills provide a solid understanding of the type of tool you'll likely be using for decades to come.

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Prompt Engineering For Programmers ☕️

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Prompt Engineering Primer ☕️ (ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4)

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