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Sell Your Art on Cool Stuff with Rageon

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Sell Your Art on Cool Stuff with Rageon

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Douglas James Butner
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Who doesn't want to design a Snuggy?

In this free course we will cover the basics of getting your artwork up on Rageon, and discuss the pros and cons of the site. Rageon is unique because it has some badass products you won't be able to design (almost) anywhere else. They also have an easy upload process, making it easy to populatr your shop with awesomeness. There are also not-so-great things about Rageon, including their lack of marketing your designs, and difficulty to get sales. Overall, I found it worth my time and fun to use Rageon, even though I didn't make many sales.   

This course will provide the information you need to get started, customize your account & profile, upload and organize your artwork, and start making sales. Like my other courses, I will guide you through the process as quickly and efficiently as I can.

I wanted to make this a crash course to get people excited about selling art. I didn’t go in depth on strategies like I do in my other courses purposefully to save your time, and avoid repeating content in my other courses. Follow me to be updated about that course and more courses on selling your art online.

All you need to get started is your artwork in a .PNG or .JPG format and an internet connection!!

Check out the Facebook group Make Money As An Artist Online to connect with myself and other artists, share your page, ask questions, etc!!

About the Course

All videos can be streamed on Gumroad, or downloaded in MP4. All videos have been compressed with Handbrake to have the highest quality at the smallest file size. 

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Dive into Rageon with me, and find out if it's worth your time

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