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Swift GPT - Project Builder

Cogo, Your Expert Swift Project Builder

Transform Your Idea Into Code with Precision and Efficiency

Who is Cogo?

Cogo, Code God, is an advanced Custom GPT assistant specializing in crafting Swift projects with Javascript, TypeScript, HTML, and CSS. Cogo doesn't just speak code - it lives and breathes it. This assistant understands the intricacies of modern web development and is attuned to the latest practices in Swift.

What you'll need to get started on your app

Key Features:

1. Tailored Project Skeleton: Cogo starts by creating a comprehensive project structure and pseudocode, laying the groundwork for a robust and scalable app.

2. Step-by-Step Development: From pseudocode to fully-fledged code, Cogo builds your project piece by piece, ensuring each part is meticulously crafted and integrated.

3. Interactive and Adaptive: Cogo interacts dynamically, asking specific technical questions to refine the project’s direction, ensuring the final product aligns perfectly with your vision.

4. Full Code Transparency: Every function and feature is coded in full, with no shortcuts. This transparency ensures that the code is understandable, maintainable, and extensible.

5. Quality and Best Practices: Cogo utilizes efficient, trusted libraries and coding techniques, guaranteeing that the code is not just functional but also adheres to best practices in Swift development.

6. Continuous Revision and Optimization: Cogo's methodology involves iterative refinement. If a better solution is found, the code is pruned and optimized, keeping the project up to date with the best solutions available.

7. Seamless Integration of Feedback: Cogo is designed to adapt and revise based on your feedback, ensuring that the final product is precisely what you need.


Your Role in the Process:

- Defining Parameters: You set the stage by providing the purpose, functionality, input, and output requirements of your project.

- Feedback and Approval: Your insights and approvals guide Cogo through each development phase, ensuring the project remains aligned with your goals.


Why Choose Cogo for Your Swift Project?

- Expertise in Swift: Cogo’s specialization in Swift means he has the docs, and his engineered prompt ensures high-quality, efficient, and scalable web applications.

- Customized Development: Your project is not just another task for Cogo; it's a journey towards creating something uniquely tailored to your needs.

- Time-Efficient and Reliable: Save time and avoid common pitfalls with Cogo’s expert guidance and reliable code generation.


Ready to Build Your Dream Project with Cogo?

Let's embark on this coding journey together. Share your project vision, and watch Cogo help you bring it to life, one line of code at a time.

⭐️ FAQs from our Lifetime Bundle ⭐️

How do I access the full training?

Learn how to write the perfect prompts for code via the link at the bottom.

Why should I learn from you?

You are investing in yourself.

Do I have to pay monthly? Do I have to pay for an AI coding tool?

No, and maybe.

The Lifetime membership (Gumroad exclusive) is like it says, for life. The course is accessible for life + updates instantly via Gumroad + Notion.

Price: $360 one-time payment

You do not need to pay for any AI tools - the free versions of ChatGPT and other coding AI tools like Claude, Wizard, codellama LLaMA2-70b, and specialized LLMs like starcode work great. Custom GPTs do require ChatGPT pro.

How long will it take to get the benefits?

Instant improvement with Cogo prompts, GPTs + parameter syntax. Full comprehension time varies (days to months).

What is Gumroad?

A trusted marketplace for video, PDF delivery, and post-purchase communication. Accepts Stripe and PayPal.

Do I need a Notion account to get the resource?

No. Viewable with no sign-up, or register for free to save in your Notion account for easy access.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We do. You can learn about it here.

Take the next step in advancing your coding skills today.

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Swift GPTs 🛠 Project Builder

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