Temple Branding - Build a Brand that Serves a Purpose

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Whether you're starting a company, beginning to sell products under a brand name, or organizing your personal brand, the simple tools in this course will save you time and revisions. Even for well-established brands, Temple Branding is a must.

All copy, that is, text written about your brand, has to come from somewhere. If you try to make out this text every time, eventually you will drift away from what really represents your company / brand. Especially if your organization get so big that you're not the one writing it. This drifting happens even in the biggest companies around today. Get one up on these organizations by organizing all of your brand information into clear, separated parts. This will allow you to come up with any text that you need, as well as tell others about your organization, simply and easily, for the entire life of your brand.

The techniques in this course are powerful and simple. In a few hours or less, you will have better statements written about your company than many Fortune 500 companies do. Never underestimate the power of a little planning.

In this course, we will go through declaring our vision, mission, strategies, and foundation. Then we will make our temple poster, a piece of paper that will visually display our temple. We can hang this paper by our desk, or somewhere we will see it easily so we are reminded of our purpose.

Join me, Douglas, as we build something worth worshiping.

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Introduction to Temple Branding
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Putting Together our Temple

Temple Branding - Build a Brand that Serves a Purpose

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