Free ChatGPT Resource ☕️ 100+ Programming Prompts + PDF

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Calling all Coders 👨‍💻👩‍💻

If you're looking catch up or stay ahead of the curve in AI programming, you’re in the right place. 

I’ve put together prompts covering everything from basic data structures and algorithms to more advanced topics like developing applications and exploring new programming languages. These padawan prompts help you dip a big toe into ChatGPT, saving you time on the learning curve. For more advanced prompt templates listing exact parameters (I call this God Mode) and setting context and more, I recommend my other resources

Transparency: In addition to this freebie I teach Prompt Engineering for Programmers, which you can add-on to this download for $̶25̶0̶ $120 (You get everything ready now + all updates at half price in presale, release $250, then $400)

These prompts are completely free, and designed to get you acquainted with the vast power of ChatGPT as a code generator. I'm doing these freebies to help students build the fundamental knowledge on their own, (selfishly,) so I don't have to repeat myself in premium courses that take much more effort to make.

What's in the freebie:

  • Implementing popular algorithms and data structures from scratch, such as sorting algorithms and binary search trees.
  • Exploring new programming languages and frameworks, such as Rust or Flask, and writing functions and short programs to gain understanding.
  • Developing simple applications and tools, such as code formatters and regular expression evaluators, to help crunch sprints and improve your versatility.

The Quantum Leap

Ya boy just threw you generic prompts that don't meet your specific needs. As a passionate teacher, I naturally want to take you by the hand and show you more. While I teach a ton of stuff, I have never taught programming simply because there are too many others doing a great job. Now, I have my shot to do the best job, first, and I'm taking it. Come along for Prompt Engineering for Programmers (available on this page), and together we'll make ChatGPT our bish.

Power to you,
- Douglas

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Over 10̶0̶ 150 ChatGPT Code Prompts + Free updates

Algorithms from Scratch
Simple Tools
Exploratory Prompts
Basic + Advanced Functions
Build on Any Tech Stack
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Free ChatGPT Resource ☕️ 100+ Programming Prompts + PDF

19 ratings
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