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Building Javascript Apps with Chat GPT ☕️


Build your next React, Vue, or Angular app with with ChatGPT

This resource will teach you how to make your own JavaScript app using popular libraries, documented code, and more. You can also apply this to other programming languages, but all of the examples here will be in Javascript.

  • Create real application is using code snippets from chat GPT
  • Be walked through what prompts to send when, and how to put it all together into a finished application
  • Build Faster with ChatGPT

Learn the subtle art of seducing ChatGPT to write your whole application in the coding style you prefer.

This skill will unlock unlimited potential to build whatever you want.

Building Javascript Apps with Chat GPT ☕️ Table of Contents


  • Explanation of how ChatGPT can help speed up the development process
  • Overview of the topics covered in the book

Setting up the project

  • Choosing an appropriate development environment
  • Installing any necessary dependencies
  • Creating a basic file structure for the app

Creating a skeleton app

  • Setting up the basic HTML and CSS structure
  • Creating any necessary JavaScript files
  • Configuring any necessary build tools or task runners

Setting up the chat context

  • Explaining how ChatGPT can be used to generate contextual code snippets
  • Setting up the chat context within the app
  • Creating any necessary data structures or variables for the chat context

Generating code snippets with ChatGPT

  • Explanation of how to use ChatGPT to generate code snippets
  • Examples of different types of snippets that can be generated
  • Customizing the snippets to fit the specific needs of the app

Integrating the code snippets into the app

  • Adding the generated code snippets to the appropriate files
  • Testing the app to ensure the snippets are functioning properly
  • Refactoring the code as needed to ensure it is well-organized and easy to maintain

Building advanced features

  • Using ChatGPT to generate more complex code snippets for advanced features
  • Incorporating third-party libraries and APIs as needed
  • Testing the app to ensure all features are functioning properly

Best practices for using ChatGPT

  • Tips for getting the most out of ChatGPT
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
  • Best practices for using code snippets within your app


  • Summary of what was covered in the book
  • Final thoughts on the benefits of using ChatGPT for app development
  • Additional resources for readers who want to continue learning about JavaScript and app development

BONUS In addition to the training, I’ll give you programing prompts you can use to set up your environment, solve common problems, and more. (100+ Free Prompts Included as linked resource with updates included )

  • Convert any code between languages
  • Create a custom cryptocurrency token
  • Write smart contracts + dapp frontends
  • RegX Generation without the headaches
  • Make an app clone in a different programming language

About your Instructor, Douglas (Github@dougbutner)

Developing web apps by hand, from scratch since age 16 (I’m 31)

  • Builder / CEO of music mapp cXc on WAX blockchain (Custom jQuery UI, Leafletjs, Postgres, C++ contracts)
  • Inventor of several paradigms + has his own commenting syntax
  • Pushed over 100,000 lines of hand-written code into production
  • 80,000+ Students on Udemy, Skillshare, and Gumroad
  • Passionate about teaching and answers student questions

Power to you,
- Douglas

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Building Javascript Apps with Chat GPT ☕️

Building Javascript Apps with Chat GPT ☕️
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Building Javascript Apps with Chat GPT ☕️

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