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MaMi | AI Assistant

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MaMi - Your Personal Assistant

👢 MaMi is your personal prepaid-forever assistant, digital caretaker, and the mother of your ideas.

She'll ask for task specifics, give you a detailed plan, then execute it! 🤑

MaMi uses planning to double down on list making, to be sure you're getting what you want, and also to

MaMi BUNDLE($̶7̶2̶ $27)

  • All one-shot MaMi setups V4 (instant access, latest version)
  • All future updates and upgrades for MaMi

MaMi is waiting to help you towards any goal.

Works best with ChatGPT using GPT-4, also works in 3.5 turbo

Looking to code with AI's help? Get MaMi as part of our Bundle + save
Prompt Engineering for Programmers BUNDLE ☕️ ($369 MaMi Included)

You can select this option at checkout, right on this page.

Updates (Resource updates instantly)

  • Improved splitting up long responses for a single module of content (April 4)
  • Updated certain personalities to better interact + respond longer when appropriate (April 7)

Robot Images copyright Hajime Sorayama

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MaMi | AI Assistant

5 ratings
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